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The Protection of Porcelain Doll

This collection is inspired by porcelain dolls. Due to the similarity, it further  explores the situation of patients with osteogenesis imperfecta, expressing self-protection and the courage to embrace life with grace. 


Concept Board

My fascination with porcelain dolls has been the catalyst for this collection, which began as an exploration of their origins and the intricate styles of their dresses. However, I found a profound inspiration during the research—osteogenesis imperfecta. This congenital disease causes extremely fragile bones and a short life, permanently maintaining the size of a kid and never being able to support a normal life without protection, which is similar to a porcelain doll. This inspired me to look at some of the support garments they wear to support their bodies and strengthen them.

Draping & Sketch

未命名作品 222.JPG
I draw inspiration from the similar situations that porcelain dolls and patients with osteogenesis imperfecta find themselves in, aiming to give them the courage to break out of their confines and engage with the real world. I incorporated exaggerated knitting elements and gave them a three-dimensional structure through metal skeletons to express the adhesions of bones, strong support, and reborn. There is no need for external protection such as armor, but self-protection that grows from within the body, brave and independent. Moreover, use obvious shreds of fabric as decoration to show they have begun to confront their fragility.

Welcome to the Porcelain Doll's World

The porcelain doll is no longer fragile and now expresses protection by herself and a new sense of power. This collection embodies the spirit of a free-spirited individual, resilient and powerful, while remaining a little fragile on the inside. Inspiring a ready-to-wear collection designed for strong, independent women who celebrate and embrace their own strength.

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